michael klier

makes interactive audio
for playful media


Hi, I am Michael, I'm a Audio Artist and Coder currently located in beautiful city of Munich/Germany.

My work focuses mainly on Interactive Sound in Games, VR experiences and installations, and covers Conceptualization, Sound Design, Implementation and everything in between.

In my spare time I enjoy composing music with my modular synths, coding little things, Traditional Taekwondo and Video Games.

what i do and what i work with at a glance

Sound DesignRecordingMixingReaperAbleton LiveIzotope RXUE4 AudioUnity3D AudioGodot AudioWWiseFMODWeb AudioJavascriptPythonC#a little C++Max4LiveMax/Msp

featured projects



I'd love to hear from you!

No matter if you just need a second opinion, or if you are interested in a collaboration.

Sharing knowledge and helping people solve problems is my passion.

If you are a colleague working in audio, I'd love to chat with you too!

Feel free to reach out any time!


2021 / Hauma (PC) / Senam Games
2020 / Dreamback VR (PC VR) / Come Over Gaming
2020 / Ubongo (Nintendo Switch) / Nementic
2020 / Memory (iOS, Android) / Nementic
2020 / Captain Cook (Hologate VR) / Hologate
2019 / Small Places (Web) / Sofi Lab
2019 / ArcWare ArcViz (PC) / Arcware
2019 / HyperGP (Hologate VR) / Hologate
2019 / Rig Rebels (Hologate VR) / Hologate
2019 / Silver Chains (PC) / Dynamedion
2018 / Zombyte (Hologate VR) / Hologate
2018 / Cold Clash (Hologate VR) / Hologate
2018 / Groove Guardians (Hologate VR) / Hologate
2018 / Simurai (Hologate VR) / Hologate
2016 / Plates (PC) / MaasgDev
2016 / The Lake VR (PC VR) / Wasted Studios
2016 / Paragliding VR (PC VR) / Wasted Studios
2007 until 2015 / Head Of Production at ENERGY Munich, which is part of the European Broadcast Network NRJ and responsible for the On-Air Design of the Station.